Because I’m trying something new.

I’m sitting here at the laundromat writing my first blog entry in a year. How am I doing this? Not with my sorry-ass iTouch keyboard, but rather with my trusty old Bluetooth keyboard I bought for my Palm TX many years ago.

See, when iOS shit out last month, one of the features that iGod Steve Jobs included with the iOS 4 is the ability to connect to bluetooth keyboards. Taking a guess, I tried my old keyboard out with the iTouch and it worked perfectly. I’ll have the name of it after the jump.

Behind me is this massive accident that was caused. They’re cleaning it up now, but it was pretty bad.

I love this keyboard. It takes some time to get used to it, but I’d take it over the damn iPhone keyboard any day of the week.

So yes, I’m doing ok. Had a couple of knockbacks but on. No more Vinzer. Saving it for another problem, another day. I don’t plan to post here often since I’m going to be busy with Ad Rhetorica, my new Public speaking blog, when I resurrect it. I;ll announce it later.


About J.T Dabbagian
J.T Dabbagian has a master's degree in Communication Studies, and is a freelance writer, social media & community manager and public speaking consultant.

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