Dear Mashable…aka iMash

I love social media. Hence, one of the blogs I frequently checked in my RSS reader is Mashable; which up until recently was the place for social media news, utilities on the web, and tips and tricks on being a Social Media Expert, beyond ways most people call themselves Social Media “Gurus.” One of the first links I favorited was a post on Mashable with over 100 resources for bloggers.

The sad truth seems to be, however, that a certain trend has taken over…or rather, an iTrend.

Lately, Mashable has been posting articles non-stop about all things Apple. It started with the iPad last February, and has worked its way to the most recent article here.

Granted, the iPad is an all-powerful and wonderful device presented as an iGift by the all-powerful iGod Steve Jobs, but in retrospect, WTF does this have to do with social media?

And I’m not the only person noticing this. On Facebook, people have been posting about Mashable’s iCraze with each iPost they make. One individual has gone so far as to comment “Apple users are annoying” every time Mashable posts an Apple-related blog.

I agree. It’s time to stop, Mashable. There are many different blogs that cover Apple news, the iPhone, the iPad, and many podcasts that do all-in-one, such as the one done by Robin Rhys and App Advice Daily.

Pete, if you ever read this, I understand more than anyone talking about the iMachine almost always lands a big hit for a blog, but at this level, I really recommend you start up an iBlog of your own. Hell, use “iMash” as the domain with my blessing, just leave Mashable back to social media. This way, you reap the benefits of both worlds; We get our social media blog back, and all of the iStuff can go to your new blog. With your rep, it’ll conquer Pagerank in no time.

There really aren’t that many social media blogs out there; you can get lucky from Lifehacker, WebWorkerDaily or ReadWriteWeb, but Mashable is #1 in terms of content. Hence my complaint.

UPDATE: Here’s a comment I made on Facebook’s Mashable link:

I subscribe to Mashable because I want to hear about social media. When I want to hear about Apple, I go elsewhere. When I get nothing but nonstop posts about Apple this and Apple that from Mashable, it really makes me question my thoughts about maintaining my subscription.

Yes, the companies that make the most buzz do get the attention, but no blog should sacrifice its purpose just to ride the wave. Mashable is, and should always be, a social media-centered blog.


About J.T Dabbagian
J.T Dabbagian has a master's degree in Communication Studies, and is a freelance writer, social media & community manager and public speaking consultant.

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