Blogging anywhere: Your Mobile Blogging Center

One thing I’ve always admired about the United States Marine Corps and the Boy Scouts is that they’re prepared for anything. Specifically, they can set down and work almost anywhere you can think of, and get to the fight.

If you’re serious about blogging, you’re going to have to be the same way. Over the last few years, I developed what I like to call the Mobile Blogging Center, or MBC for short.

Why a Mobile Blogging Center?

If you plan to be a reporter blogger, or be able to write on the spur of the moment the next time you hear Apple unload a fantastic new product, you’re going to need the ability to submit to your blog wherever you are. The blogosphere and social media world favors the one who gets the scoop first.

And remember, with all the security around certain events or restrictions on what you can bring in, you may not always be able to lug around your laptop. Hence, how to make an MBC.

The MBC consists of a few key items I’m going to impart with you now:

Item 1: A Bluetooth and Internet capabale mobile device

The central core of your MBC will be a mobile device. I personally swear by the Apple iPod touch with the WordPress blogging app (Or the TypePad app if that’s your poison.) The iPod Touch allows you to get online with any wireless access point and can store information on numberous apps. Furthermore, it also includes access to email and web through its built-in programs. And if you’re the video type, the 4th generation one also has 2 cameras that let you record either you or the area around you. However, if you have an iPhone, Android phone or tablet, that will work just as well.

Item 2: a Bluetooth portable keyboard.

Ever try to type a 500+ word blog on the iPhone? By the time you’ve finished, you’ll need skin grafts since your fingers will be only bone, if they haven’t fallen off before then. Solution? Use a Bluetooth keyboard. I personally take with me an iGo Stowaway Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard out in the field, but I’ve heard good things about the ProMini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard as well. Just don’t buy a keyboard that’s full size as that’s going to cramp your MBC style.

Item 3: Carrying case

You can’t go around carrying all this in your hands! That defeats the purpose of this organization. Similarily, you can’t just stuff all this in your usual satchel or backpack either, lest you risk damage to your MBC. This is good if you don’t plan on or want to carry a heavier bag. Consider a small carrying case or purse that you can slide into your bigger bag. Alternatively, you can also designate a part of your satchel for your MBC exclusively. Just keep it away from foreign objects.

Item 4: Peripherals

You’re going to need your basics to stay afloat in the field, soldier! USB charging cables, batteries and anything else you need to keep alive. Keep them tied with cable bindings or rubber bands to avoid tangling. If possible, include a mini-power surge.

At the end of the day, while other bloggers are struggling with their laptops and finding a plug, or taking extensive notes to remember for later, you’ll be safely tucked away typing your blog entry away, and hopefully leading the pack on your scoop.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these links are affiliate ones, but I stand by the products linked.


About J.T Dabbagian
J.T Dabbagian has a master's degree in Communication Studies, and is a freelance writer, social media & community manager and public speaking consultant.

One Response to Blogging anywhere: Your Mobile Blogging Center

  1. Alicia says:

    Great post, James! I didn’t know about most of these tools (not being an Apple/”i” person) and assumed blogging on the go was dependent on a laptop.

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